Tips for trip on Halong Bay

Tips for travelling are some very general information but very necessary for those who wants to have an overall image in the tourism picture in Halong bay, Vietnam. Hope you get an amazing trip in this new world wonder.
Tips for trip Halong Bay
Halong Bay is listed as a must go location for everybody though it is a very far-away place from the US and other European countries. As western travelers, it is best making a quick scan through these tips to have a wonderful journey.

When to go?

Halong Bay located in the north of Vietnam where there are four seasons in a year spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is all the seasons of year that you can travel to Halong Bay and the best time are in March to August. The weather in these months is cool and pleasant.

Where to go?

Upon arrival in Halong bay, you may take a cruise here for sightseeing and spend the night on board. You will enjoy the little foggy weather just like in some miraculous dreams, the water is crystal clear that reflects the images of the islands and islets around the area. Travelers can see the floating houses of the local fishermen. These moments right in the hearts of this beautiful bay will give you some of the best times of your life.

How to get there?

Halong bay is 170 km away from Hanoi, approximately three to four hours driving. There are 3 main ways from Hanoi to Halong Bay:
- Firstly, you can take mini bus from Gia Lam bus station. The ride approximately 4 hours and bus will stop to pick up other passengers along the way. The air – conditional is minimal, so be prepared to break a sweat in summer. Lager sized tourists will not find it to be a pleasant ride, but it is a nice authentic Vietnamese experience.
- Secondly, you can buy the ticket open bus ticket at travel agency in the Old Quarter, and pick up & drop off at bus station.
- Thirdly, by shuttle bus, pick up & drop of passengers in the Hanoi Old Quarter, 4-6 hours pending on how many stops route the drivers makes to pick up or drop off passengers.

Shopping and Prices
Generally, the prices in Halong bay are quite expensive if you are an experienced traveler. You may get a higher price here for the same clothes in other places like Hanoi. Meanwhile eating in some small places and along the pavement is very cheap. Without being careless, the truth is you should always ask for the price of something before making up your mind to buy or place an order in Halong bay.