Cua Ong Festival

Every year, the festival is held at the temple to commemorate his merit of defeating the aggressors and defending the Northeast region. The festival is big and last long in Quang Ninh with incense offering ceremony and a procession of his votive tablet from Cua Ong Temple to the shrine in Trac Chan Commune (called Vuon Nhan)
Cua Ong Temple dedicated to Tran Quoc Tang, the third son of Tran Hung Dao, many generals of Tran Dynasty and Hoang Cau - a local general who fought bravely against invaders. The festival is held from the 2nd day of the first lunar month to the 30thday of the third lunar month. The main festival day is on the 3rd of the second lunar month. The temple includes three parts: lower temple, middle temple and upper one. They make a great architecture looking to magnificent Bach Long Vy bay.

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